Equilibrium-line altitude depressions of reconstructed Younger Dry as and Holocene glaciers in Fosdalen, inner Nordfjord, western Norway
pp. 191-207

Calculated equilibrium-line altitude (ELA) depressions from reconstructed glaciers formed during the Younger Dryas ( 11,000-10,000 BP), the Erdalen Event (9100 ± 200 BP) and the Little lce Age (mid-18th century) in Fosdalen, inner Nordfjord, western Norway, show relatively large internal variations, depending on the reference levels from which the ELA depressions are calculated. Using the modem temperature /precipitation equilibrium-line altitude (TP-ELA) as the reference level, this gives considerably larger ELA depressions than using the temperature/precipitation/wind equilibrium-line altitude (TPW-ELA).

A. Nesje, Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Helleveien 30, N-5035 Bergen-Sandviken, Norway; S. O. Dahl,

Department of Geology, Sec. B, University of Bergen, Allégt. 41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway.