Proceedings of the 7th TSGS Conference held in Stavanger, 3-5 October 1990 Post-cretaceous uplift and sedimentation along the western fennoscandian shield
pp. 223-338
  Preface 221
Riis, F. & Jensen. L. N. Introduction: Measuring uplift and erosion - proposal for a terminology  223
Cloetingh, S., Reemst, P.,
Kooi, H. & Fanavoll, S.
Intraplate stresses and the post-Cretaceous uplift and subsidence in northern Atlantic 229
Spann, H. The state of stress in the North Sea and in the offshore regions of Norway (abstract) 237 
Bakkelid, S. Mapping the rate of crustal uplift in Norway: parameters, methods and results  239

Chryssanthakis, P. &
Barton, N.

Modelling the effect of glaciation, ice flow and deglaciation on the Lansjärv region in north Sweden 247 
Sales, J. K. Uplift and subsidence of northwestern Europe: possible caues and influence on hydrocarbon productivity  253 
Dore, A. G. The Base Tertiary Surface of southern Norway and the northern North Sea   259
Fugelli, E. M. G. & Riis, F. Neotectonism in the Jæren area, southwest Norway   267
Nesje, A. & Dahl, S. O. Geometry, thickness and isostatic loading of the Late Weichselian Scandinavian ice sheet  271 
Jensen, L. N. & Schmidt, B. J. Late Tertiary uplift and erosion in the Skagerrak area: magnitude and consequences  275 
Bøe, R., Sørensen, S. &
Hovland, M.
The Karmsundet Basin, SW Norway: stratigraphy, structure and neotectonic activity   281 
Ghazi, S. A.  Cenozoic uplift in the Stord Basin area and its consequences for exploration   285 
Christiansen, F. G.,
Larsen, H. C.,
Marcussen, C., Hansen,
K., Krabbe, H., Larsen, L. M., Piasecki, S., Stemmerik, L. & Watt, W. S.
Uplift study of the Jameson Land basin, East Greenland   291 
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Walderhaug, O.  Magnitude of uplift of the Stø and Nordmela Formations in the Hammerfest Basin - a diagenetic approach   321 
Riis, F.  Dating and measuring of erosion, uplift and subsidence in Norway and the Norwegian shelf in glacial periods   325 
Vågnes, E., Faleide, J. I. & Gudlaugsson, S. T.  Glacial erosion and tectonic uplift in the Barents Sea   333