Holocene emergence along the Ellesmere Island coasts of northernmost Baffin Bay
pp, 147-160

The pattern of Holocene emergence at Piliravijuk Bay, innermost Makinson Inlet, south-central Ellesmere Island, is outlined on the basis of radiocarbon age determinations on three samples of marine pelecypod shells and eight samples of far-traveled coniferous driftwood, Emergence of at least 100 m, perhaps as much as 120 m, has taken place in the last 8800 radiocarbon years, The amount of emergence approaches that documented earlier for Cape Storm and South Cape Fiord on the south coast of Ellesmere Island, and for Cape Herschel on the east-central coast, facing Greenland, This emergence, taken together with the glacial sculpture on Bowman Island, the low amino acid ratios in the single veneer of till on the island and on Swinnerton Peninsula, and the fact that in situ shells north of the head of the lnlet are -2000 years younger than those at Piliravijuk Bay, suggests that Makinson lnlet was filled with a major outlet glacier flowing eastward to Baffin Bay in Late Wisconsinan time, The data from Makinson Inlet are similar to those from Cape Herschel, where extensive fieldwork has led to the conclusion that Smith Sound was filled by a southward-flowing ice stream in Late Wisconsinan time,

W. Blake, Jr., Geological Survey of Canada, 601 Booth Street, Ioawa, Ontario K1A 0E8, Canada.