Late Devensian and Holocene relative sea-level changes at Rumach, near Arisaig, north west Scotland *
pp. 161-174

Lithostratigraphic, biostratigraphic and chronostratigraphic data from three isolation basins adjacent to Loch nan Ceall, near Arisaig, record Late Devensian and Holocene relative sea-leve! changes. The sills of the isolation basins at Rumach Iochdar and Rumach Meadhonach are at +9.3 m OD (Ordnance Datum) and + 17.8 m OD, respectively. Only one marine episode is recorded within each basin: Late Devensian marine regressions radiocarbon-dated at lO 755 ± 90 BP at Rumach Iochdar and Il 820 ± 145 BP at Rumach Meadhonach. No Holocene marine sediments are recorded at either of these siles, in contrast to another, nearby basin with a sill at +6.3 m OD, thus constraining the Holocene sea-leve! maximum to between +6.3 m and +9.3 m OD in this area. Published empirical models of relative sea-leve! changes for the area predict the ' Main Lateglacial Shoreline' to occur at +5 m to +8 m OD and the ' Main Postglacial Shoreline' between + lOm and + 12m OD. The models require re-appraisal in light of the new data.

l. Shennan, J. B. lnnes, A. J. Long and Y. Zong, Environmental Research Centre and Department of Geography, University of Durham, Durham DH 1 3LE, UK;
1 Present address: Department of Geography, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton S09 5NH, UK.