Late Pleistocene glacial-deglacial facies successions and geologic history at Vuolgamasjåkka, Finnmarksvidda, Norway
pp. 9-23

A 50 m high river section at Vuolgamasjåkka, Finnmarksvidda, Norway, has heen studied with regard to lithofacies, glaciotectonics and geologic history. Six formations reveal a history of four glacial events and two deglacial events spanning the Weichselian back to the Saalian. Ice-free conditions are represented by deglacial sediments consisting of proximal to distal outwash facies and, at one horizon, delta foreset beds deposited in an ice-dammed lake. These sediments occur together with tills in stacked glacial-deglacial successions. Four kinetostratigraphic units are recogoized on the basis of glaciotectonic structures, till fabrics and palaeocurrent directions. Glaciotectonic structures were formed in both frozen and unfrozen sediments during successive glacier advances.

Astrid Lyså & Geoffrey D. Corner, Department of Geology, /BG, University of Tromsø, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway.