Stratigraphic overlap of the late Proterozoic Vadsø and Barents Sea Groups and correlation across the Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault, Finnmark, North Norway
pp. 48-57

New data from western Varangerhalvøya, Finnmark, North Norway, show that the stratigraphic sequences on either side of the Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault overlap. In the Manjunnas area, the Ekkerøya Formation (top Vadsø Group) overlies the Båtsfjord Formation (middle Barents Sea Group) along an unconformity, locally angular, marked by an intermittently preserved sedimentary breccia. As the Vadsø Group is part of the stratigraphic sequence found to the south of the Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault, and the Barents Sea group part of the sequence found to the north of the fault, these data confirm that the area north of the fault (the North Varanger Region) is an integral part of Baltica and cannot be regarded as a distinct terrane from stratigraphic criteria; it does not, however, place any constraint on the likely displacement along the Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault.

A. H. N. Rice, Geologisch-Paläontologisches lnstitut, Ruprecht-Karls Universität, fm Neuenheimer Feid 234, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany.