Jurassic to Cretaceous stratigraphy of shallow cores on the Møre Basin Margin, Mid-Norway
pp. 89-107

Four cores drilled by IKU in summer 1988 southwest of Kristiansund at the Møre Basin Margin close to the Gossa High ( 6206/02) penetrated marginal marine Lower Jurassic coarse clastic and Upper Cretaceous shelf deposits. The lower part of the eastemmost core 3 contains Lower Jurassic matrix-supported terrestrial conglomerates rich in mafic clasts deposited in an alluvial fan environment. This is succeeded by a clast-supported, partly marine-inftuenced very coarse gneiss conglomerate of Pliensbachian-Toarcian age, possibly representing fan-delta deposits. Core 2 penetrated a similar clast-supported conglomerate below a more sandy, partly marine inftuenced unit of Late Toarcian-Aalenian age. Core 8, further west, and the lower part of core 1 contained similar sandy successions of Late Toarcian-Aalenian age deposited in a distal fan-delta environment. In the latter core there is a major hiatus (some 80 million years) as Upper Toarcian-Aalenian sediments are overlain by Upper Albian Shelf deposits. The Cretaceous succession in the core contained marine mudstones, sandstones and shales/claystones of Late Albian to Turonian/Santonian ages. Distinct seismic reftections are present in the cored succession, but only those in the Cretaceous sequence can confidently be tied directly to the Møre Basin based on the available data. A bedrock map of the Møre Basin Margin is presented.

Morten Smelror, Leif Rise, Jacob G. Verdenius & Jorunn Os Vigran, IKU Petroleumsforskning a.s., N-7034 Trondheim, Norway; 
Torgrim Jacobsen, Statoil, Postullak, 7004 Trondheim, Norway.
Oddvar Skarbø, Møre og Romsdals Bedriftsrådgjeving, Blindheimsenteret, 6012 Ålesund.