Interpretation of kinematic indicators along the northeastern margin of the Bergen Arc System: a preliminary field study
pp. 166-173

The Fensfjorden Fault separates the Bergen Arc System and the Devonian conglomerates of the Fensfjorden Basin from the Western Gneiss Complex. Detailed mapping of kinematie indicators -along the northeastern margin of the Bergen Arcs reveals a distinct pattern. In the upper part of the section, a zone of sinistral movement indications is observed. In contrast, indications of dextral movements are observed in the lower part of the section and along the Fensfjorden Fault, related to a stretching lineation trending about 295° and plunging about 20°W. The dextral movements are tentatively correlated with the regional late Caledonian 'top-to-west' movements associated with the formation of the Devonian basins of western Norway. It is suggested that the zone of dextral kinematie indicators represents the southern continuation of the Nordfjord-Sogn Detachment.

Ole Petter Wennberg & A. Geoffrey Milnes, Geologisk institutt, University of Bergen, Allégt 41, 5007 Bergen, Norway.