Submerged and tilted coastal features off Troms,northern Norway: a reply
pp. 245-247

In their comment, Fjalstad & Møller (pp. 241-244 in this issue) point out important correlation problems between former sea levels on land and the shelf areas off Troms. This reply gives additional seismostratigraphical evidence for an age younger than the Weichselian glacial maximum of the last major erosional events on the shallow banks off Troms. Reasons for not finding a simple linear correlation between former sea levels on mainland Norway and on the continental shelf are also discussed further based on differences in bedrock geology and deformational history. In our opinion the questions about formation and age of the possible submerged coastal features off Troms cannot be resolved without new investigations on the shelf.

Kåre Rokoengen, Institutt for Geologi og Bergteknikk, NTH, Universitetet i Trondheim, 7034 Trondheim, Norway;
Trygve Dekko, NOTEBY, Norsk Teknisk Byggekontroll AS, P.O. Box 9810 Ila, 0132 Oslo, Norway.