Palaeomagnetism and stratigraphy of Late Younger Dryas and Holocene sediments In Lake Arungen,southeastern Norway
pp. 37-47

Magnetic investigations in addition to detail ed litho- and biostratigraphical studies of Late Younger Dryas and Holocene sediments were carried out on a 39 m long core from Lake Årungen, southeastem Norway. Correlation of the recorded geomagnetic secular variation of the inclination for the last 6000 years with other lake sediment magnetic records from Denmark and the UK affords a possibility to assign a more detailed time-scale to the younger part of the Årungen core, and to calculate more accurate sedimentation rates for the Late Holocene. The bulk magnetic parameters are sensitive to lithological variations in the sediments, such as glacial versus postglacial muds, the change from a marine to a lacustrine environment, and a turbidite occurring in the Holocene sequence. The results indicate the possibility of establishing a geomagnetic mastercurve of the Holocene for southeastern Norway.