Early Tertiary sedimentation and salt tectonics in the Nordkapp Basin,southern Barents Sea
pp. 33-44

Detailed seismic interpretation of the early Tertiary sediments in the Nordkapp Basin (southem Barents Sea) has revealed the nature of sedimentation within a basin strongly inftuenced by salt diapirism. Two phases of reactivation of salt movement have been defined, and are thought to reflect reactivation of older fault regimes in the Barents Sea during the earliest phase of sea-floor spreading in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea. Earliest Palaeocene deposition was characterized by sediment gravity flows along the eastern basin margin and along intrabasinal highs. During a relative sea-levet rise in mid/late Palaeocene, hemipelagic deposition prevailed in the Nordkapp Basin. Late Palaeocene/early Eocene sedimentation was dominated by progradation from the Finnmark Platform into the Nordkapp Basin.

S. Henriksen & T. O. Vorren, Department of Geology, IBG, University of Tromsø, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway.