Vendian- Lower Cambrian acritarch biostratigraphy of the central Caledonian fold belt in Scandinavia and the palaeogeography of the Iapetus- Tornquist seaway
pp. 147- 168

Microfossils are reported from Vendian (?)-Lower Cambrian successions in the central and southern Caledonides in Sweden(Laisvall and Vassbo). The Heliosphaeridium dissimilare Skiagia ciliosa (age-equivalent to the Holmia kjerulfi Assemblage Zone) and Asteridium tornatum-Comasphaeridium velvetum Zones (age-equivalent to the P. antiquissimus Zone) are recognized and correlated with strata in Baltica, Laurentia, Barentsia, Avalonia and elsewhere. The Skiagia ornata-Fimbriaglomerella membranacea Zone (age-equivalent to the Schmidtiellus/Rusophycus fauna( zone) is unrecognizable in most of the Caledonides. It is possible that ;it may comprise condensed low stand units. Trilobites and acritarchs identify strata corresponding to a maximum marine flooding event part of the Heliosphaeridium dissimilare - Skiagia ciliosa Zone (and coeval fauna( zones in Laurentia). Sedimentary phosphates formed on the shelves of Baltica and Laurentia along a longitudinally oriented seaway in which nutrient-rich waters intensified productivity in association with recurrent marine flooding.

Gonzalo Vidal & Malgorzata Moczydlowska, Uppsala University, Institute of Earth Sciences, Micropalaeontology, Norbyvägen 22, S-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden.