Norsk nomenklatur for sekvensstratigrafi
pp. 3-14

Sequence stratigraphy has provided geologists with a new tool in stratigraphical and sedimentological studies. The methods and the terminology are described and explained in several publications in English. However, there is a need for translation of the terminology to Norwegian because: 1) geologists in Norway use Norwegian as their working language; 2) sequence stratigraphic methods and nomenclature is often controversial and confusing. Consequently, there is a demand for an unambiguous and accepted Norwegian translation and explanation of sequence stratigraphic terms. Such translation and explanation is provided in the present paper.

W. Helland-Hansen & O. J. Martinsen, Norsk Hydro, 5020 Bergen, Norway; S. B. Flood, Oljedirektoratet, 4001 Stavanger, Norway;
F. Hadler-Jacobsen & E. P. Johannessen, Statoil, 4035 Stavanger, Norway; J. P. Nystuen & S. Olaussen, Saga Petroleum, 1301 Sandvika, Norway.