Cenozoic stratigraphy of the Norwegian Sea continental shelf, 64°N - 68°N
pp. 125-151

This investigation is based on six exploration wells: 6607/5-1 and /5-2 (Utgard High), 6506/12-4 (Halten Terrace), 6610/7-1, 6610/7-2 and 6610/3-1 (Nordland Ridge). Fifteen informal fauna zones are outlined. Thick, glacially derived Pleistocene and Upper Pliocene prograding shelf deposits extend along the continental margin of the Norwegian Sea. In well 6607/5-1 and 6506/12-4 Upper Pliocene outer to middle shelf deposits lie unconformably on Upper Miocene outer shelf deposits, which are well developed in these areas. A thin interval of Middle Miocene outer shelf sediments is present in well 6607/5-1. This rests unconformably upon Lower/Middle Eocene middle to outer shelf deposits, which in turn rest unconformably upon the Upper Cretaceous. In well 6506/12-4, the Upper Miocene rests unconformably on outer to middle shelf sediments from the Upper Oligocene/Lower Miocene, which in turn lie unconformably on the Lower/Middle Eocene. In well 6607/5-2 Upper Pliocene outer shelf sediments lie unconformably on the Lower/Middle Eocene. Wells 661 0/7-1 and /7-2 on the Nordland Ridge penetrate the proximal, oldest parts of the glacially derived prograding sediments of Late Pliocene age, which in this area are middle to inner shelf deposits. In addition, wells 6610/7-1 and 661 0/3-1 penetrate underlying Early Oligocene coastal deposits. Lower/Middle Eocene sediments lie below the coastal deposits in well 6610/7-1. In well 6610/7-2 Upper Pliocene deposits Iie unconformably upon low oxic deep basin sediments from the Upper Paleocene. Seismic profiles through this area show that the Upper Pliocene glacial deposits onlap the Lower Oligocene coastal deposits.

Tor Eidvin, H. Brekke & F. Riis, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, PO Box 600, N-4001 Stavanger, Norway;
D. K. Renshaw, Statoil a.s. , N-4035 Stavanger, Norway.