Younger Dry as glaciation in the Alfoten area,western Norway; evidence from lake sediments and marginal moraines
pp. 33-45

During the Younger Dryas, the Ålfoten area was covered by ice caps separated from the continental Scandinavian inland ice. The local Younger Dryas glacier margins of two coalescing plateau glaciers, Ålfotbreen and Davikbreen, have been reconstructed on the basis of marginal moraines, lacustrine sediments and radiocarbon age estimates. The Younger Dryas glaciation was more extensive in this area than previously postulated. Ålfotbreen advanced to its maximum position during the early/middle Younger Dryas, before the deposition of the Vedde Ash tephra layer ca. 10,300 yr BP.

E. Sønstegaard & A. R. Aa, Sogn og Fjordane College, P.B. 133, N-5801 Sogndal, Norway;
O. Klakegg, Norwegian Institute of Land Inventory, P.B. l 15, N-1430 Ås, Norway