Schmidt hammer age evaluation of the moraine sequence in front of Bøyabreen, western Norway
pp. 27-32

The entire moraine sequence in front of Bøyabreen, a southern outlet of Jostedalsbreen in southern Norway, has until now been regarded as being made up of 'Little lee Age' (LIA) moraines. As the historical evidence does not support a LIA date for the outermost moraine, a Schmidt hammer was used to measure the degree of surface weathering from boulders on the three outermost moraine ridges. The R-values suggest that the boulders on the moraine (Ml) below Bøyafjellstølen are much more weathered and consequently much older than those on the second (M2) and third (M3) moraines 500 m up-valley. The lichen sizes suggest a pre-LIA date. According to the glacial history of the Jostedalsbreen region, the Ml probably date to the Early Holocene.

A. R. Aa, Sogn og Fjordane College, Faculty of Science, P. O. Box 133, N-6851 Sogndal, Norway;
J. A. Sjåstad, Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Breiviken 2, N-5035 Bergen-Sandviken, Norway