Fluid flow structures and processes; indications from the North Norwegian continental margin
1, 2
pp. 57-64

On the basis of multibeam echo-sounder bathymetric data and high-resolution seismic records about 285 pockmarks and 25 dome structures are mapped in the outer parts of Andfjorden, northern Norway. These features indicate that near-vertical fluid migration takes place (or has taken place) in the shallow subsurface. Enhanced density of pockmarks occurs along the margins of the trough, where glacial diamicton (till) – generally lacking organic material - constitutes the seafloor. Many of the pockmarks are related to zones of normal faults/structural lineaments in the sedimentary bedrock, suggesting that liquids and/or gases migrate from these to higher levels. A petrogenic origin of the fluids is therefore considered to be more than likely

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