Furongian Series (Cambrian) biostratigraphy of Scandinavia – a revision
pp. 73–87

The Furongian Series (Cambrian) biostratigraphy of Scandinavia is revised. We propose a two-fold trilobite zonation based on agnostoids and polymerids respectively. The agnostoid zonation includes four zones, in ascending order: the Glyptagnostus reticulatus, Pseudagnostus cyclopyge, Lotagnostus americanus, and the Trilobagnostus holmi Zone. The polymerid zonation includes 28 zones, in ascending order: the Olenus gibbosus, O. truncatus, O. wahlenbergi, O. attenuatus, O. dentatus, O. scanicus, Parabolina brevispina, P. spinulosa, Leptoplastus paucisegmentatus, L. raphidophorus, L. crassicornis, L. ovatus, L. stenotus, L. neglectus, Ctenopyge postcurrens, C. flagellifera, C. similis, C. spectabilis, C. tumida, C. affinis, C. bisulcata, C. linnarssoni, Parabolina lobata, Peltura paradoxa, P. transiens, P. costata, Westergaardia scanica, and the Acerocare ecorne Zone. Traditional subzones are elevated to zonal status and modified by definition to become interval-zones. The traditional ‘superzones’ are abandoned. Each of the biozones, as now defined, is delimited at the base by the first appearance of the eponymous species, and delimited at the top by the base of the overlying zone.

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