Triassic lithostratigraphy of the Northern North Sea Basin
pp. 93-116

The Triassic strata of the northern North Sea were initially sub-divided into three formations: the Smith Bank, Skagerrak and Cormorant formations (Deegan & Scull 1977), defined within the informal "Triassic group". The succession was little understood at that time as few wells had drilled into the Triassic red beds. In an attempt to unify UK and Norwegian Triassic and Jurassic lithostratigraphical nomenclature Vollset & Doré (1984) revised the nomenclature, defining a group with three formations - the Hegre Group with the Teist, Lomvi and Lunde formations. The objective of this paper is to establish a gross nomenclature, which covers the entire northern North Sea. A revised Triassic lithostratigraphic chart for the Northern North Sea Basin is presented.

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