Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research – Research activities with emphasis on fluid flow in fault zones
1, 2
pp. 63-71

mproving hydrocarbon recovery holds the key to prolong and maximize production from existing oil and gas fields. The economic potential of providing new methods for increased and enhanced oil recovery is significant. It therefore represents a subject of great interest on a corporate as well as national level as it provides means to optimize production and resource management. A key element of IOR and EOR is to understand the geometry, architecture and petrophysical properties of petroleum reservoirs in order to forecast their response to various production strategies through the use of fluid flow simulation tools. The Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research (CIPR) addresses this challenge by providing a platform for crossdisciplinary research into a range of subjects related to understanding and modeling the complexities of subsurface reservoirs and developing new methods for maximizing oil and gas recovery.

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