A new sedimentary succession from the southern margin of the Neoproterozoic Gassa Basin, south Varangerfiord, North Norway; the lattaniar' ga unit
pp. 41-48

A pinkish pale-yellow to golden/honey fine-grained quartz-arenite, resting on Archaean basement south of Varangerfjord, is probably a new lithostratigraphic succession in the Neoproterozoic of Finnmark. The sandstones, informally called the Lattanjar'ga unit, crop out on Lattanjar'ga, 10 km east of Veines. A maximum of ca. 12m is continuously exposed, with dips of up to 27°, but together the outcrops indicate a thickness of ca. 75 m. Channelling, small-to metre-scale cross-bedding, ?ripples, ?sandstone dykes and lag-conglomerates occur. At one locality, the base is marked by rounded amphibolite gneiss boulders up to 1 m size. The limited data available suggest a shallow marine depositional environment. The Lattanjar'ga unit probably underlies (and may be part of) the Veinesbotn Formation (base Vadsø Group), making it the oldest Neoproterozoic succession in East Finnmark, south of the Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault. Part of the newly discovered outcrops may belong to the Smalfjord Formation (Vestertana Group; base Neoproterozoic III).