Ophicarbonates of the Feragen Ultramafic Body, central Norway

The carbonation of ultramafic rocks is a common alteration process in ophiolites and can occur in various settings. We provide the first detailed description of the carbonated peridotites (ophicarbonates) of the Feragen Ultramafic Body, central Norway, which have unusually variable compositions and microstructures. Lithologies range from pervasively carbonated serpentinites through carbonated serpentinite breccias to carbonated ultramafic conglomerates. Carbonate phases are Ca-carbonate, magnesite and dolomite. Some breccias are also cemented by coarsegrained brucite. This variability records strong variations in fluid chemistry and/or pressure and temperature conditions, both spatially and temporally. By analysing these altered ultramafic rocks using field relationships, optical microscopy, electron microprobe analysis and oxygen and carbon isotope compositions, we elucidate the history of the Feragen Ultramafic Body in more detail and emphasise the importance of deformation for the extent and type of alteration.

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