Petrography and sedimentology of the Slottsmøya Member at Janusfjellet, central Spitsbergen
2, 3
pp. 89-101

The Slottsmøya Member (Agardhfjellet Formation) in Svalbard is composed mainly of marine grey shales deposited on a slightly dysoxic and shallow shelf (offshore transition), in Volgian (Late Jurassic) to Ryazanian and possibly earliest Valanginian (Early Cretaceous) time. We present detailed lithostratigraphic, mineralogical, chemical and magnetic susceptibility logs of the Slottsmøya Member at Janusfjellet, Central Spitsbergen, providing a high-resolution stratigraphic framework for the ongoing palaeontological and geological investigations in this area. A condensed section has been recognised in the upper part of the member, based on chemical, mineralogical and palaeontological evidence.

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