Late Jurassic (Volgian) radiolarians from Central Spitsbergen – a preliminary study
2, 3
pp. 149-155

Radiolarians were studied in silt and shale samples from the Upper Jurassic Volgian part of the Slottsmøya Member (Agardhfjellet Formation) of Central Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Identifications could only be made from thin-sections, which hinders precise species level identifications. Nevertheless the preservation is sufficient to reliably identify some taxa and to establish general attributes of the fauna. The overall composition of the fauna is characterised by an abundance of spongy spumellarians and a dominance of parvicingulids among the nassellarians. These attributes have also been noted in samples assignable to the bipolar Boreal and Austral Realms, and the Svalbard fauna shows all the characteristics of the Northern Boreal Province as would be expected from its high palaeolatitude in the Late Jurassic.

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